3 Ways To Get Your Preschool Classroom Ready For Spring

Preschool classrooms should be bright and colorful, and the decorations should reflect what your students are learning about and the world around them. With spring just started, now is a great time to give your preschool classroom a spring makeover. Here are three ways you can make your classroom feel a little more like spring.

#1 Create New Name Tags

In a preschool classroom, name tags are really important. Your students are learning how to spell their name, read their name and write their name. They feel a great degree of pride at seeing their name. You most likely have your student's cubbies, carpet square, seats and other areas of the classroom labeled with their name. You can make these areas pop and stand out to your students more by changing out the name tags with something that is more spring themed.

For example, you can create or purchase spring name tags that have flowers, strawberries, raspberries or vegetables on them, all symbols of spring. Changing the labels in your classroom is an easy way to change how it feels.

If you have other items that are labeled in your classroom, you can make them pop out by changing those labels as well to something more spring themed and bright.

#2 Update Your Library

Your library is a big focal point in your preschool classroom. In the spring, you should update your library to focus on the current season and topics that you ARE learning about. Put away all of the books about fall and winter. Instead, put books that focus on spring and summer learning topics in your classroom.

Here are some great topics to look for books about for your classroom:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Plant life cycle
  • Gardening
  • Water
  • Friendship
  • Hiking
  • Soccer

Try to focus on books that portray spring activities and sports, as well as any topics you will be studying for the next few months.

#3 Seasonal Decorations

Finally, take down all of the artwork and projects that are on your walls and work with your students to put up more spring-themed artwork. Each week, you can do something in your art center to fill your walls with spring-themed decorations.

For example, you can have your students write out the different letters of the alphabet on colorful flower cut-outs to create a new alphabet. You can do the same thing with numbers to create a new number line for your classroom.

Have your students create plant life-cycles to hang up near your science center. Allow them to sponge paint flowers or create crumple paper trees. Decorate all the walls in your classroom with your students spring-themed work; this will take some of the pressure off of you for decorating your classroom and will give your students ownership over their classroom by displaying their work. Places like Tender Years Academy Center can give you more tips.