5 Tips To Help You Choose Great Child Care

For many parents, it's impossible to care for children completely on their own. With busy work schedules and other life needs, there may come a time when child care is necessary. Whether you choose a traditional daycare or have someone come to your home to provide care, there are many great providers out there who can help out and make life easier for all. Here are some tips that can help make choosing a great child care a lot easier:  Read More 

Three Questions About Home Based Infant Care

Are you finally going back to work after having a child? If so, you'll be looking for someone to watch over them during the day while you're away from home. While many people immediately think of finding a daycare facility for their infant care needs, you may have some luck using home based care instead. Here are three questions you may have about using this alternative form of infant care. Read More 

3 Ways To Get Your Preschool Classroom Ready For Spring

Preschool classrooms should be bright and colorful, and the decorations should reflect what your students are learning about and the world around them. With spring just started, now is a great time to give your preschool classroom a spring makeover. Here are three ways you can make your classroom feel a little more like spring. #1 Create New Name Tags In a preschool classroom, name tags are really important. Your students are learning how to spell their name, read their name and write their name. Read More 

How Child Care Can Make You A More Effective Parent

Daycare can make life for parents much more convenient. However, there are more benefits to a child care program than simply convenience. Parents can avoid some of the many common parenting mistakes by taking advantage of a child care program. Make Your Child Not Feel Like The Center Of The Universe‚Äč One common mistake that parents make is to make children the center of their universe. Everything may revolve around him or her. Read More 

5 Tips for Getting More Rest as a New Parent

While all babies are different, new parents tend to have one major thing in common: sleep deprivation. While common, being awake night and day with your baby can quickly take a serious toll on your emotions, health, and mental state. In fact, studies show that sleep deprivation leads to increased stress and relationship problems, increased risk of injuries, higher blood pressure, decreased mental function, and a host of other potentially serious problems. Read More